Expert Carpet Services

There are a lot of brands of carpet and each brand carries many unique types and qualities of fiber. Some carpets don’t do well with heavy foot-traffic while others are prone to discoloration and degradation when wet. We can talk you through your options so what you get in the end is everything you want.

You can be certain that our services will go above and beyond expectations because that’s been our promise for decades and we’re sticking to it.


Laminate floors are often inexpensive; they’re resistant to scratches, burns, stains and moisture. They are also pet friendly and commercial-use friendly.

Resilient Sheet Vinyl

Resilient sheet vinyl is a synthetic composite method of creating vinyl flooring that is stronger than traditional vinyl flooring. It has all of the perks of vinyl flooring but it excels in durability and has a prolonged lifespan, making it an ideal choice for high-trafficked floors such as lobbies or commercial business hallways. Resilient sheet vinyl is created using high-density synthetic polymers capable of withstanding heavy wear, scratches, water, and warping.

Resilient Vinyl Tile

Resilient vinyl tile purchases have exploded in recent years. This type of flooring is somewhat new, just as resilient sheet vinyl is, and it boasts similar strength and durability as resilient sheet vinyl. Resilient vinyl tile comes in a multitude of designs and thicknesses but the common denominator among all of the options is toughness. This flooring option is made with limestone composite that is formed into solid sheets of the desired thickness by using heat and pressure, so the end result is an incredibly tough floor capable of withstanding greater abuse than typical vinyl flooring.


Hardwood flooring is a beautiful option that adds depth and character to any room. A Hardwood floor can make a room feel larger and when paired with complementary styled furniture a room can become warm and inviting.